Lisa Sharpe is a British painter who has been involved in the world of art and design for nearly three decades. At the age of 22, Sharpe set up her own business as a silk shoe designer; early career highlights include designing the bridesmaids' shoes for the Duke and Duchess of York's Royal Wedding, being selected as the shoe designer for the BBC TV series "Bride of the Year", winning a major Conde Nast Award, and being photographed by Terry O'Neill for Tatler and Stella Artois.


Sharpe then went on to work in the art world and live in several countries around the world, briefly attending art school as a mature student but remaining essentially a self-taught artist. In 2006 she founded Lisa Sharpe Contemporary Art to source artwork for private and corporate clients. Since 2013 Sharpe has been focusing the majority of her time on painting and writing.


In early 2016, Sharpe started collaborating with Swiss gemmologist and jewellery designer Doris Hangartner to create Gem Art Fusion: a unique concept of matching a painting with its resonating gemstone. The fusion of stone and painting create perfect synergy: this unique alignment of two beautiful energies creates a profoundly deep visual and sensory experience.


This emphasis on energy informs all of Sharpe's work. Using bright, unadulterated pigments, she paints in broad, gestural strokes that are a physical expression of her creative urge: "My desire to create and to nurture are over-powering passions deeply embedded in my DNA. My paintings are a physical expression of those passions coming together to create visual sanctuaries."


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Artist's Statement

“My vision is to unite and connect with people all over the world through my painting, writing and word paintings: I create artwork with the intention of lifting people’s spirits so that they feel loved and connected.


Through the medium of paint, colour has the ability to create its own visual language: a language, which like music, bypasses the mind and connects directly to the soul - it is this language of emotions and connection, which I am trying to speak.


Energy is a constant theme which runs through my work and I find it fascinating how the trillions of cells within our bodies are continually transmitting and receiving frequency waves of energy: absorbing the emotional and physical vibrations around us. It has led me to question the energy that I put out into the world…what am I adding to it? Is it positive; is it negative; is it loving?


And so my artistic practice is about connecting to the love within me and creating a partnership with paint: I am not trying to harness or shape the paint in any way, what I am trying to do is breathe life into it, so that it becomes vibrantly alive and in the flow. It is this sense of vitality, this expression of flowing aliveness and loving energy, which I hope, is captured within the painting so that it can be sensed and felt by the viewer."


Lisa Sharpe