Charlotte Proudlove


Charlotte Proudlove is based in London. She has a passion for the Victorian penchant for displaying beautiful arrangements under glass and in display cabinets. Her work aims to continue the Victorian sentiment, but with a contemporary twist. Her beautiful butterfly displays range from a single butterfly under a glass dome to stunning large elaborate bespoke displays.


Charlotte's work has appeared on TV programmes and drama series numerous times, in blockbuster films such as Wonder Woman, and at London Fashion Week catwalk displays. Many UK hotels, bars and restaurants are regular patrons, and her work is popular with celebrities.


Charlotte always has a large range of butterfly domes available and she regularly works closely with her clients to make a dome or cabinet using butterflies specifically selected by them.


It is important to note that all of the butterflies Charlotte uses in her work are ethically soured and none are endangered or protected species. They are from a UK based conservation project which encourages an active interest in preserving butterfly species and all the butterflies she uses have died of natural causes.

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